School 101

Getting through a typical school day includes knowing and following the basic rules of the school as well as having strategies to maneuver the building and your classes.

Rule Basics

  • Dress Code – check out the dress code page for do’s and don’ts when getting ready for school
  • Cell Phones – it’s important to remember that schools are not responsible for your electronic devices (they are prohibited), but they can be confiscated if “seen” during the school day
  • Zones – WSA has Red and Green Zones
    • Red Zones – Electronic devices are not to be seen or heard in these locations… This may include some classrooms, but it is always true of the hallways
    • Green Zones – Electronic devices are permitted… This is always true in the cafeteria during lunch time, not during assemblies
      • Note – The school does not have an auditorium at the moment so all assemblies are usually held in the cafeteria on the second floor

Getting around

  • All lockers are on the second floor with a few by the gym – lockers are chosen as first come first serve, so make sure you bring a good combination lock or one with multiple keys
    • The lockers on the blue side are for the 9th grade academy, lockers on the red side are for 10-12
    • The school is shaped like a “U” on the second floor with classes on only one side of each hallway
  • Students in grades 10-12 are to stay on the red locker side of the school
    • However, there are school stores on both sides of the hall that everyone can go to during certain times of the day
  • The school has an “Up” staircase and a “Down” staircase to minimize confusion and facilitate movement during passing time
  • WSA is on block scheduling that alternates days – make sure you have a schedule with you at all times (maybe take a photo and keep it in your phone)
  • Advisory period is the perfect time to find a teacher you can go to for assistance throughout the school year
  • Know who your counselor is and make sure you know how to use the MI-STAR student portal to keep up with your grades and graduation requirements

Key to Success at WSA… Get Involved!

  • Check out the Activities page and make sure you form a network of friends and acquaintances to help you through those difficult times
    • Friends can come in handy to keep you up-to-date on assignments, since at WSA, the grading scale is A, B, C, F (no D’s)