Our Vision

Vision Statement

Our vision is at West Side Academy is that our students will exhibit with confidence, college and career readiness skills needed to excel as global citizens and lifelong learners.

Mission  StatementStudents working

The mission of West Side Academy is to facilitate academic excellence and equity. We will provide a dynamic, engaging and effective educational experience that equips our students with the skills essential to thrive and contribute to a technologically evolving society which continues to infinitely increase our access to knowledge.


  • All students can learn and maximize their potential given resources, support, opportunity in a nurturing environment.
  • Teachers and staff are committed to fostering an environment that prepares students for graduation and preparation for higher education or entry-level career employment.
  • All students deserve an opportunity to receive a quality education.
  • The school should be a safe and clean environment for all staff and students.
  • We shall establish an environment in which administrators, staff and students are accountable for success and excellence.
  • Students can achieve mastery of state standards given ample attention, established support, and research based instruction.