Graduate Profile

Graduate Profile

Graduate Sweaters 2014 Autonomous Learners – who are intrinsically motivated and accountable for their own learning.
Problem Solvers – who have the ability to think critically and analytically with the capacity to persevere in the pursuit of life’s endeavors.
Collaborators – who are flexible team players, receptive to and capable of delivering constructive feedback and committed to working with others to create positive solutions to 21st century challenges.
Communicators – who leverage their technological knowledge to effectively communicate both verbally and in writing to enhance their lives and positively impact the world around them.


Notable Graduates

Asia Gibson Superintendent Excellence Award, 2015Asia Gibson

A’Ja Booth – read about her extraordinary story of survival and the support she received from WSA to ensure she graduated this year:
West Side Academy student A’Ja Booth & teacher Nadirah Muhammad reunited after successful kidney transplant

Aja Booth